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We are two passionate women who have been saddened by the recent media coverage on young girls missing school due to being unable to afford sanitary items.

Also we were dismayed to read the experiences of Homeless woman and how they manage their periods.

We decided to setup Periodical Diary in January 2017 to highlight these issues but also to become a platform offering knowledge and support on periods, as well as debunking the stigma relating to periods through education.

So far we have delivered period workshops in schools for girls aged 9 – 16 to educate them on periods and also to dispel myths and worries they have.

Additionally, we have held a few Donation drive where we have received thousands of individual pads and tampons. Which we have been providing to schools, charities and we are linked with as well as No Recourse to Public Funds families who are of low income.

We need your help to continue our initiative!

We want to continue to delivering workshops to schools and community groups as well as donate sanitary wear to attendees of these workshops.

Your donations will help us to continue to do so. 

Thank You for reading our Mission!

Additional Information
You can find us under Twitter, Instagram and Facebook under the same name @periodicaldiary