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Dear Periodical Diary

I have a period question. Do you have any ideas on how I can regulate my periods? Since baby no 3, they are all over the place.

I stopped breastfeeding over 6 months ago but unlike my last two pregnancies, my period will just not realign!!

I’m usually like clockwork but have been randomly noting the dates and noticed that now they can come on anything from 21 to 28 days.

I can never predict ūüėęūüėę

Yours Sincerely

Frustrated Mumma

Periodical Diary :

Dear Frustrated Mumma,

To be honest between 21 -28 is pretty regular, it can take a year to normalise after breastfeeding but generally if you want on the clock, scheduled periods, it can be done through the pill (as it gives a fake period every month)

Not everyone is in favour of the pill but some people like the regularity it brings.

Also download a Tracking App, Clue is good because you get informative content as well as tracking periods, stress and daily activities but there are other apps available.

Finally….. remember any changes to your routine, eating habits or if you have a stressful situation, it can take up to two months to manifest through your period.

We hope this helps

Auntie Flo x

ASK FLO: Weighty Issue

Dear Flo, 

I tend to put on weight just before my period and during. It is sooo frustrating as there is whole week each month that my favourite jeans don’t fit.¬†

Dear Worried, 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I wonder whether the Christmas meals we have all indulged in over the Christmas period played role in the weight gain? It certainly has in my case!

However, here are some likely reasons:

Water Retention

A week or so before your period, your body is preparing for the possibility of a pregnancy – it prepares by retaining water.

Consuming foods that are high in salt can in fact increase the amount of water you retain – which also contributes to bloating and general feelings of heaviness.

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Magnesium Levels

Who would put magnesium, weight gain and periods in the same sentence eh?

Prior to starting your period, some of us experience a drop in our body’s magnesium levels. This can then go on to lower our insulin levels. Thus¬† your brain creating a craving for foods high in glucose – in my case sugary treats! Such excessive consumption of food with high sugary content can also impact on then number you see on the scale during your period.

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Overall, prior and during your period be mindful of the types of food that you consume and where possible drink as much water as you can.

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Readers  Рif you have any further advice, let us know in the comment section below.

N.B please note that advice we provide is not to be substituted for actual medical advice. We will always recommend seeking medical advice in the first instance.

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Discharge Issue?

Tricky Tampon?

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Ask FLO: Sticky Down Below

I often get white discharge sometimes sticky, in my underwear, why is this?

Dear Worried,

Our vaginas and what comes out of them baring (babies) are somewhat of a Taboo! There are varying types and colours of discharge ‚Äď so lets jump straight into it!


This type of discharge is often clear and stretchy discharge ¬†(like egg whites) is pretty normal ‚Äď so relax. It is normally a sign that your body is producing more hormones than normal due to ovulation.

White discharge can also be thick, again this can be an indication that your cycle is about to start and near the end of your cycle. However, if this white discharge come with itchiness, dryness or soreness it could be indication of a medical condition such as thrush. In this case, it is important to seek medical advice from your GP and/or Pharmacist.

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Brown Discharge

This colour can appear at different times in your cycle. If it occurs at the start of your period it can either be a sign that you are ovulating or that you are about to start your monthly cycle. Whilst near the end of your cycle, brown discharge is normally older blood leaving your body as you finish your period.

Yellow and Green

If you are experiencing this type of discharge it is important you see your doctor as these colours are indications of an infection.

Additionally, of any of these discharges regardless of colour have a dour or are occupied by itching or other uncomfortable symptoms we encourage you to seek further medical advice as well as talk to someone you trust.


To manage discharge when you are not on your period, panty liners are a good option to keep your underwear free of discharge.

Overall, vaginal discharge is normal and a great indication of your body working just fine.

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ASK FLO: Tampon Tales

Hi. I have question about tampons. If it feels uncomfortable, will it leak? Because no matter how many times I try, it feels weird.

Dear Uncomfortable,
If a tampon feels uncomfortable it’s probably because you have not inserted it correctly.
Tampons can be very tricky things to insert. When doing so you need to be relaxed. If you are not, the muscles within your vagina can tense up  making it difficult as well as painful to insert a tampon.
To insert tampon i would advise doing so on the toilet seat or at a slight squat.¬†You have to push the tampon all the way up till you can’t push no more. If you do not it will sit awkward and feel uncomfortable.
Another reason for the uncomfortable feeling is that you might be using the wrong size. If your flow is not that heavy and you are using for instance a super or super plus that can lead to a uncomfortable feeling.
Lighter flow tampons are slimmer and may feel better inside you. However if you are experiencing a heavy flow and use a lighter tampon this can cause leakage.

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