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International Women’s Day at SouthBank University

We were honoured to deliver a talk on our journey, our future goals and most importantly #genderequality at London Southbank University. Our talk formed part of a series of events to celebrate International Women’s Day♀

Thank you to all those who attended and donated sanitary items to help us further our reach to those in need.

Connecting overseas

Wonderful morning in #NewYork meeting the lovely ladies of @endofound where we discussed their mission to highlight and educate the condition that is #endometriosis also informed team of our journey thus far #womensupportingwomen #womenshealth #periods #international

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Women in custody have rights too !!

Check out the article below in the Guardian today about menstruating women in custody.


Or read here:

Failures to provide adequate sanitary protection to woman and girls in police custody breaches their human rights, the home secretary has been warned by an independent watchdog.

The Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA) has written to Amber Rudd and Justine Greening, the women and equalities minister, calling on them to improve conditions for female suspects held in police cells.

Successive inspections of police stations by visitors, the letter alleges, has found that the needs of menstruating women in police detention are routinely ignored.

“Women are frequently left without the assistance of female officers, without access to adequate and hygienic sanitary protection, or facilities for washing and changing,” the letter released on Thursday states. “Inadequate consideration is given to menstruation by officers in the exercise of detainees’ risk management. At its most stark, this can mean women left in paper suits without their underwear and without sanitary protection.”

A legal opinion by Caoilfhionn Gallagher QC and Angela Patrick of Doughty Street Chambers that was attached to the letter argues the conditions are likely to breach article 8 of the European convention on human rights, the right to private and family life.

Katie Kempen, the chief executive of the ICVA, said: “Dignity in the cells must mean dignity for all. No woman or girl should be left bleeding in a cell in indignity simply for want of a difficult conversation or an inexpensive box of tampons.”

Martyn Underhill, the Dorset police and crime commissioner and chair of the ICVA, said: “Forces must be given clear guidance and adequate support to ensure that the rights of women and girls in custody are met both on paper and in practice.”

The ICVA is funded by the Home Office and police and crime commissioners (PCC). It coordinates unannounced visits to police custody suites by volunteers to monitor the rights and wellbeing of detainees.

The association is calling for female detainees to be provided with access to a female officer, a hygiene pack and regular sanitary product replacements, hand-washing facilities, privacy when using the toilet and extra sensitivity when menstruating women are subject to strip searches.

“No woman or girl should be left in indignity by police officers for want of a difficult conversation or an inexpensive box of tampons,” the letter to the home secretary maintains.

ASK FLO: Weighty Issue

Dear Flo, 

I tend to put on weight just before my period and during. It is sooo frustrating as there is whole week each month that my favourite jeans don’t fit. 

Dear Worried, 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I wonder whether the Christmas meals we have all indulged in over the Christmas period played role in the weight gain? It certainly has in my case!

However, here are some likely reasons:

Water Retention

A week or so before your period, your body is preparing for the possibility of a pregnancy – it prepares by retaining water.

Consuming foods that are high in salt can in fact increase the amount of water you retain – which also contributes to bloating and general feelings of heaviness.

Image result for bloated stomach black women

Magnesium Levels

Who would put magnesium, weight gain and periods in the same sentence eh?

Prior to starting your period, some of us experience a drop in our body’s magnesium levels. This can then go on to lower our insulin levels. Thus  your brain creating a craving for foods high in glucose – in my case sugary treats! Such excessive consumption of food with high sugary content can also impact on then number you see on the scale during your period.

Image result for magnesium

Overall, prior and during your period be mindful of the types of food that you consume and where possible drink as much water as you can.

Image result for water retention women

Readers  – if you have any further advice, let us know in the comment section below.

N.B please note that advice we provide is not to be substituted for actual medical advice. We will always recommend seeking medical advice in the first instance.

Featured Image by @DaisyBernardArt

Discharge Issue?

Tricky Tampon?

Be our Cheerleader!


On my lunch break my friend was being super anti-social… phone in hand, headphones in and chuckling away to herself. After a few minutes of sitting in silence I wildly flapped my hands to get her attention.

She looked up for a moment annoyed that I was interrupting  her alone time. To ease her irritation I enquired on what she was watching – ‘Big Mouth’  she said and quickly went back to the show.

That night I went home bored and found the show on Netflix. Oh what a revelation!

The animated series is a cross between Family Guy and American Dad but with the swearing left in (parental discretion advised).

The series focuses on milestones associated with puberty such as sex, masturbation, sexuality and our favourite topic at Periodical Diary – Periods!

Episode 2 of the series titled ‘Every Body Bleeds’ sees one of the main characters Jessi gets her first period on the school trip to the Statute of Liberty.

To make matters worse Jessi is wearing white shorts (I remember getting my period once in beige shorts!). Drama ensues and we get various perspectives of periods from both the male and female characters – Jessi’s mother even touches on that fact we have to pay tax to bleed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and urge you all  to catch an episode. Check out the two minute clip below!

Watched it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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4 Tips to enjoy your Christmas Period

The Perfect Outfit

Of course we want to look absolutely fabulous during this Christmas period.  Basically the LBD with extra sparkles is every girls go to this Christmas.

However, be mindful of bloating that may see you struggle to comfortably slip into such outfits. We suggest  outfits with an extra ‘give’ or avoid tight fitting outfits on days you feel more bloated than usual.


Plan in Advance 

The Christmas period sees many out of the house for longer periods (pun intended) of time. The work Christmas party, drinks and meals with friends and family you haven’t caught up with in a while.

It is for this reason you need to make sure you remember to pack extra menstrual supplies when you are out and about – nothing worse than paying exorbitant prices for a tampon in a public toilet!

Image result for TAMPON IN BAG

Food! Glorious Food!

Christmas is the best excuse to indulge in a multitude of sweet treats and delicious roasts, with the excuse that you will work it off in the new year!

Be mindful that food high in salt and sugar content cannot only cause bloating but also play havoc with your gut during Christmas. Where possible, try and keep to a balanced diet and drink lots of water not just mulled wine!

Image result for food


Although Christmas is a time associated with joy it doesn’t mean that you may not feel low. Your period can leave you feeling more emotional than normal.

Do not hesitate to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Do not bottle it up. Also, take time to look after yourself, do not feel obligated to go to all the Christmas events if you do not feel like doing so.


With these tips in mind don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas Period – it really is a wonderful time of year.

Find this article helpful? Have any further tips? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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Clued Up: ANEMIA and your PERIOD

The ever so popular Period track App Clue have recently written an article on the relationship between anemia and your period. Could your period actually be causing you to become iron deficient?

The article explores this whilst examining current scientific research.

Did you know that  29% of non-pregnant women and 38% of pregnant women worldwide are affected by anemia?!

This is a pretty large statistic for women – although it would be interesting to know how many men also suffer from anemia.

Do you suffer from anemia? How has it impacted your health and well being?

Which remedies have you found helpful?

Click here for the article and let us know your thoughts below!

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