BAME Freedom Festival #BFFest2018

We at Periodical Diary are always to collaborating with events and social initiatives that continue to strive to work on eradicating  period poverty, associated stigma and overall empowerment of women and girls.

It is wonderful that during Period Poverty Week (12th – 18th November 2018) #PEPOW2018 we will be promoting the very core of our initiative.

We are therefore excited to be speaking at BAME FEST (16th -18th Nov) on 18th November 2018 at 11:30am! We will be encouraging women to:

‘Be the free, happy and social you, on any day of the month’. 

This initiative, incubated by Do it Now Now the Africa focused social impact consultancy, funded by Purpose, in support of Raise the Roof Kenya, is an effort to ignite activism in the BAME community in the UK and energise them to help solve the problems women and girls are facing in African communities.

Currently in Kenya, and many other places around the world, girls and women can’t afford the products they need to take care of themselves during their “time of the month”. This goes way beyond chocolate and Ben&Jerry’s.

You can purchase tickets for the three day festival here.

We look forward to seeing  you there!


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