Independent Nurse Magazine – Period Poverty

We at Periodical Diary love  being a platform for all things Periods. From the information we share we learn so much from the Period community.  

We are now at the point where we can contribute to not only the ongoing debate regarding period poverty, but also contribute to research on the topic. 

It was therefore wonderful  to see our views made it into an Independent Nurse Nurse article on the role Nurses can play in eradicating period poverty. 

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Black History Month: Meet Mary Kenner who invented the Sanitary Belt

October is the UK’s Black History Month which gives many minority communities an opportunity to celebrate the contribution of black individuals, not only to their communities but internationally.

Mary Kenner (1912- 2006) was such a person who was born in the deep south during the Jim Crow era. However she did not let the racism she experienced dull; her ambition to create. In her lifetime Mary patented five inventions with the most notable being the sanitary belt!

Read more about her incredible life and inventions here.

We Salute you Ms Kenner!



We must do better…

They say this kind of thing does not happen in the UK IN 2018.

We are often told that schools are equipped and ready to cover the issue of periods…. We say….. it’s not enough !!!

Supplying products is brilliant but coupling it with education, makes it better

There has been recent coverage in Metro newspaper, reporting that a young girl sat in blood-soaked clothes after teacher said she couldn’t go to the toilet.

What a horrifying first period experience

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