Grace Cup

We had the pleasure of connecting with Ebby, the founder of The Grace Cup, who is doing some amazing work creating a more sustainable sanitary product alternative in Kenya

My name is Ebby Weyime. I am the owner and founder of The Grace Cup this is Kenya’s first and only menstrual cup brand.

In my community we have many girls who can’t afford commercial pads and tampons, they end up using unconventional means like pieces of cloths, old mattresses and even leaves as a means of dealing with their menses.

There are several organizations that are donating disposable pads to these girls, which is a plus but this does not solve the problem as it means you have to help these girls every single month.

The question now remains, how long will you do this for?

That’s when I stepped in with menstrual cups. After using it for a few months myself I found this to be the best solution as it is durable for up to 10 years, saves thousands of shillings in the long run also contains no chemicals or toxins hence good for your health.

So far we have distributed 213 cups for free to needy girls and are constantly looking for more well wishers to sponsor a cup to needy girls. We also sell commercially and the response is overwhelming.

Our aim is to have at least 20% of Kenyan women on the cup and have plastic free periods.

If you would like to know more, check out their Instagram Grace Cup IG


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