Fatherhood Series: Kofi (40)

As the month draws to a close we have a reflective account from Kofi about the subject of Periods and his daughter’s first experience.

When I was growing up my older sisters spoke about their periods so I knew what it was but not in too much detail.

I didn’t give it much thought but as I have grown and had relationships, I have gained more knowledge about periods and the impact it has on a woman’s life.


I had reservations at first but due to my relationship with my daughter it was easy to speak to her about it.

I had forgotten about it till she had her first one at my house. She knew what it was as some of her friends had theirs and they spoke about it


I would have preferred to have spoken to her about it in detail before she had her first, but I had mention it to her prior.

Her mum had spoken to her about it as well, so it wasn’t a hard conversation

Changes in attitude

My attitude to periods has changed since I was a child. Growing up around two sisters and general life experiences has thought me a great deal about periods.

I was taught about the human body and the reproductive system in school, these lessons also broaden my knowledge about periods but being with my daughter when she experienced her first period has brought it much closer to home.

Many thanks to Kofi for taking the time to share his and his daughter’s experience.

Kofi also highlighted the unpredictability of the first period but it was great to hear that both parents took the responsibility to have the “period talk”.

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