Fatherhood Series : DJ (39)

In honour of the upcoming Father’s Day, we have dedicated the month of June to Father-Daughter stories.

We kick off our Fatherhood Series with a touching account from DJ

We sat down with DJ, a father of a pre teen, to get his view all things periods.

When you were growing up did anyone speak to you about periods?

Yes. In sixth form and college discussions but I don’t remember much talk about it before then.

Thoughts/Opinions on periods prior to being a father to a girl

It hadn’t really crossed my mind…..

I’ve been lucky as daughter’s primary school started on the subject and those questions were a sign for my wife to have “the talk” and explained to her.

How did you first broach it with your daughter ?

The topic came up randomly one day and as my daughter was quite informed, she was trying to educate me……. but the conversation was quite simple / basic and we basically spoke about what she knew.

Did you have any reservations ?

No…. it’s necessary that I’m included…. I’m her dad !

How do you feel about talking to her about it ?

I feel fine, it’s natural – if I’m awkward, it will be awkward.

My view is it’s information she needs to understands and will ultimately experience, so no problem for me.

Why did you choose to do so when you did/ is there a right time to broach the subject ?

Although she has not started yet, she is beginning to grow up and on discussion with my wife, we felt the time was fast approaching. The opening conversation from the school just sped up the process.

So I guess there is no right time…. I think it depends on the child.

In hindsight would you of prepared differently for the conversation ?

No, I think she is well prepared now.

If you didn’t broach the subject who did / why was that person best placed to speak with your daughter ?

I feel like her mother’s life experience made her the perfect person to start off the conversation but it should be noted that daddy’s can play a role too.

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