Menstrual Hygiene Day #nomorelimits

The 28th May marks World Menstrual Hygiene Day!

This day is of much significance to not only the Periodical Diary team about to young girls and women all over the world!
Increasingly periods are being spoken about in the media which is a great step in eradicating shame and stigma associated with periods.

However, people are talking less about cleanliness and how to manage more heavier periods.  We remember that in a workshop we delivered some young people were uncertain of how often to change their sanitary products and disposing of sanitary wear effectively.

It is wonderful to have a day to really focus on these issues and ultimately continue to provide further information on menstruation.

Below is the official Music Video from the campaign performed  by DEE MC.


We talk periods in school here

Mooncups are pretty cool alternatives to pads as tells us here 



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