Connecting and Redistributing

We are so grateful to everyone that has taken the time to support our campaigns, donation drives and generally help spread the message of “Period Empowerment”

We also know that it is very important to show you where your donations go as they are much needed.

Recently we met with a Catholic Primary school in Croydon and had an amazing conversation around the current knowledge set of their pupils, who provides the school’s sanitary product supply and how the education around periods is delivered.

We were saddened but not shocked to find that the teachers have personally taken on the responsibility to provide sanitary products for their classes as the Government offer schools no support in their education budget.

We were able to provide some great advice and we also donated 154 pads (to start) for the girls in Years 5 & 6.

We are hoping to keep working and donating to this school in the future.

If your school (UK Based) would benefit from our donations of sanitary products – please get in touch via the contact page


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