Fatherhood Series

In honour of the upcoming Father’s Day, we will be dedicating the month of June to Father-Daughter stories.

Please come back and check out the amazing and heartwarming encounters.


It’s everywhere

We feel it’s time for a REAL conversation about periods. What are your first thoughts when you hear the word Period??

Historically the media has been promoting the negative images or humorous aspect of periods but rarely are the facts at the forefront.

Just type Period quotes in google – we did and we were underwhelming by the first images that popped up.

Nothing informative or uplifting, just pages and pages of this…..

But we at Periodical Diary are about solutions, so it got us thinking, what do we need to do to replace this with positive images? How can we reclaim the word?

We believe education is key, that’s why we are focused on spreading a positive message to the next generation, in the hopes that it will change the narrative, shame the shame and normalise the experience.

Our workshops are fun, positive, interactive and curriculum based.

If you think that your school, youth group or organisation would benefit from our workshop, please contact us Here

Forward thinking Employers

Following a #Throwback Thursday picture that was posted via our Instagram, we began to ponder on what makes a company forward thinking….

During a trip to Facebook HQ, we noted a cute little crate on the counter by the sink with free sanitary products.

We mentioned this to a staff member and was advised that both the male and female toilets had this crate to allow access to everyone that may need the products.

Well done Facebook

How forward thinking is your company??

All Change

One act of kindness, acceptance can really change the way we feel about our periods.

We came across this great piece about Youtuber Ingrid Nilsen, talking about times in her life that have influenced her views on her period from Period: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth .…. we will definitely be checking out this book !!

It included a heartwarming recollection of her first period and how her mum had been such a positive part of that experience.

It got us thinking about times in our life’s that have changed the way that we think and feel about our periods.

Have a think…..

  • What experience have moulded your views?
  • Have your views changed over time?

Link to full article:


Connecting and Redistributing

We are so grateful to everyone that has taken the time to support our campaigns, donation drives and generally help spread the message of “Period Empowerment”

We also know that it is very important to show you where your donations go as they are much needed.

Recently we met with a Catholic Primary school in Croydon and had an amazing conversation around the current knowledge set of their pupils, who provides the school’s sanitary product supply and how the education around periods is delivered.

We were saddened but not shocked to find that the teachers have personally taken on the responsibility to provide sanitary products for their classes as the Government offer schools no support in their education budget.

We were able to provide some great advice and we also donated 154 pads (to start) for the girls in Years 5 & 6.

We are hoping to keep working and donating to this school in the future.

If your school (UK Based) would benefit from our donations of sanitary products – please get in touch via the contact page

Menstruation Matters workshop

We believe that knowledge is power and one of the greatest ways to have the open conversation about periods is through our workshop

We learn a great deal about the levels of knowledge, range of experiences, what is being offered/ delivered in schools through the national curriculum and we are able to dispel a few myths, taboos and “old wives tales” along the way.

Our most recent workshop was with teenaged girls (15 -17 years old), via the Ashton Jazz Academy.

We also had the pleasure of donating period supplies to the founder of the academy for their upcoming residential week!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like the team to deliver a workshop!