ASK FLO: Weighty Issue

Dear Flo, 

I tend to put on weight just before my period and during. It is sooo frustrating as there is whole week each month that my favourite jeans don’t fit. 

Dear Worried, 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I wonder whether the Christmas meals we have all indulged in over the Christmas period played role in the weight gain? It certainly has in my case!

However, here are some likely reasons:

Water Retention

A week or so before your period, your body is preparing for the possibility of a pregnancy – it prepares by retaining water.

Consuming foods that are high in salt can in fact increase the amount of water you retain – which also contributes to bloating and general feelings of heaviness.

Image result for bloated stomach black women

Magnesium Levels

Who would put magnesium, weight gain and periods in the same sentence eh?

Prior to starting your period, some of us experience a drop in our body’s magnesium levels. This can then go on to lower our insulin levels. Thus  your brain creating a craving for foods high in glucose – in my case sugary treats! Such excessive consumption of food with high sugary content can also impact on then number you see on the scale during your period.

Image result for magnesium

Overall, prior and during your period be mindful of the types of food that you consume and where possible drink as much water as you can.

Image result for water retention women

Readers  – if you have any further advice, let us know in the comment section below.

N.B please note that advice we provide is not to be substituted for actual medical advice. We will always recommend seeking medical advice in the first instance.

Featured Image by @DaisyBernardArt

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