On my lunch break my friend was being super anti-social… phone in hand, headphones in and chuckling away to herself. After a few minutes of sitting in silence I wildly flapped my hands to get her attention.

She looked up for a moment annoyed that I was interrupting  her alone time. To ease her irritation I enquired on what she was watching – ‘Big Mouth’  she said and quickly went back to the show.

That night I went home bored and found the show on Netflix. Oh what a revelation!

The animated series is a cross between Family Guy and American Dad but with the swearing left in (parental discretion advised).

The series focuses on milestones associated with puberty such as sex, masturbation, sexuality and our favourite topic at Periodical Diary – Periods!

Episode 2 of the series titled ‘Every Body Bleeds’ sees one of the main characters Jessi gets her first period on the school trip to the Statute of Liberty.

To make matters worse Jessi is wearing white shorts (I remember getting my period once in beige shorts!). Drama ensues and we get various perspectives of periods from both the male and female characters – Jessi’s mother even touches on that fact we have to pay tax to bleed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and urge you all  to catch an episode. Check out the two minute clip below!

Watched it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Black-ish does Periods

When we first started Bleeding

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