ASK FLO: Weighty Issue

Dear Flo, 

I tend to put on weight just before my period and during. It is sooo frustrating as there is whole week each month that my favourite jeans don’t fit. 

Dear Worried, 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I wonder whether the Christmas meals we have all indulged in over the Christmas period played role in the weight gain? It certainly has in my case!

However, here are some likely reasons:

Water Retention

A week or so before your period, your body is preparing for the possibility of a pregnancy – it prepares by retaining water.

Consuming foods that are high in salt can in fact increase the amount of water you retain – which also contributes to bloating and general feelings of heaviness.

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Magnesium Levels

Who would put magnesium, weight gain and periods in the same sentence eh?

Prior to starting your period, some of us experience a drop in our body’s magnesium levels. This can then go on to lower our insulin levels. Thus  your brain creating a craving for foods high in glucose – in my case sugary treats! Such excessive consumption of food with high sugary content can also impact on then number you see on the scale during your period.

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Overall, prior and during your period be mindful of the types of food that you consume and where possible drink as much water as you can.

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Readers  – if you have any further advice, let us know in the comment section below.

N.B please note that advice we provide is not to be substituted for actual medical advice. We will always recommend seeking medical advice in the first instance.

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Discharge Issue?

Tricky Tampon?

Be our Cheerleader!


On my lunch break my friend was being super anti-social… phone in hand, headphones in and chuckling away to herself. After a few minutes of sitting in silence I wildly flapped my hands to get her attention.

She looked up for a moment annoyed that I was interrupting  her alone time. To ease her irritation I enquired on what she was watching – ‘Big Mouth’  she said and quickly went back to the show.

That night I went home bored and found the show on Netflix. Oh what a revelation!

The animated series is a cross between Family Guy and American Dad but with the swearing left in (parental discretion advised).

The series focuses on milestones associated with puberty such as sex, masturbation, sexuality and our favourite topic at Periodical Diary – Periods!

Episode 2 of the series titled ‘Every Body Bleeds’ sees one of the main characters Jessi gets her first period on the school trip to the Statute of Liberty.

To make matters worse Jessi is wearing white shorts (I remember getting my period once in beige shorts!). Drama ensues and we get various perspectives of periods from both the male and female characters – Jessi’s mother even touches on that fact we have to pay tax to bleed.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the show and urge you all  to catch an episode. Check out the two minute clip below!

Watched it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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4 Tips to enjoy your Christmas Period

The Perfect Outfit

Of course we want to look absolutely fabulous during this Christmas period.  Basically the LBD with extra sparkles is every girls go to this Christmas.

However, be mindful of bloating that may see you struggle to comfortably slip into such outfits. We suggest  outfits with an extra ‘give’ or avoid tight fitting outfits on days you feel more bloated than usual.


Plan in Advance 

The Christmas period sees many out of the house for longer periods (pun intended) of time. The work Christmas party, drinks and meals with friends and family you haven’t caught up with in a while.

It is for this reason you need to make sure you remember to pack extra menstrual supplies when you are out and about – nothing worse than paying exorbitant prices for a tampon in a public toilet!

Image result for TAMPON IN BAG

Food! Glorious Food!

Christmas is the best excuse to indulge in a multitude of sweet treats and delicious roasts, with the excuse that you will work it off in the new year!

Be mindful that food high in salt and sugar content cannot only cause bloating but also play havoc with your gut during Christmas. Where possible, try and keep to a balanced diet and drink lots of water not just mulled wine!

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Although Christmas is a time associated with joy it doesn’t mean that you may not feel low. Your period can leave you feeling more emotional than normal.

Do not hesitate to talk to someone about how you are feeling. Do not bottle it up. Also, take time to look after yourself, do not feel obligated to go to all the Christmas events if you do not feel like doing so.


With these tips in mind don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas Period – it really is a wonderful time of year.

Find this article helpful? Have any further tips? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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Clued Up: ANEMIA and your PERIOD

The ever so popular Period track App Clue have recently written an article on the relationship between anemia and your period. Could your period actually be causing you to become iron deficient?

The article explores this whilst examining current scientific research.

Did you know that  29% of non-pregnant women and 38% of pregnant women worldwide are affected by anemia?!

This is a pretty large statistic for women – although it would be interesting to know how many men also suffer from anemia.

Do you suffer from anemia? How has it impacted your health and well being?

Which remedies have you found helpful?

Click here for the article and let us know your thoughts below!

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No Ordinary Woman Chat Show

We are passionate about all things periods and the inequalities that associated with such a topic.

We love using various form of mediums to share knowledge and advice on how to navigate your period. So we were honoured when presenter Caz of No Ordinary Women reached out to us to discuss our initiative on her show. 

We had fun filming  the segment! We hope you find our interview informative and entertaining – let us know in the comment section what you think!

You can support our initiative here.

Please sign our petition to eradicate Period Poverty.

Check out piece in TOTM.

Does your gut go crazy during your period?

Bustle News have done it again!!! Great article about the infamous “PERIOD POOP” and 3 possibly explanations.

Until very recently I thought that this was a symptom that only I had experienced but through talking to friends I quickly found that this was a experience that divides people like Pads vs Tampons.

It’s debatable whether I’m considered more “normal” now that I know others also have an altered pattern during their periods but it’s annoying sign that my period is on its way.

Are you sufferer?

Here’s an extract of the article:

” When my period rolls around, I brace myself for the worst. We’re talking cramps, mood swings and bloating that makes it impossible to wear my favorite jeans. But there’s another period issue that we need to talk about: period poops. Depending on your menstruation experiences, you’re either scratching your head or nodding along in agreement. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I envy you.

Click the link to read the full article

Why your gut freaks out during your period

Big Knicker Day: November’s Donation Drive

On 22nd November  we carried out our second donation drive of 2017 and AGAIN we were so overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback regarding our initiative.

We collected over 1400 individual menstrual products on the day, which is amazing!! Due to the high levels of interest, we have continued to collect a few additional items so the final number is still rising.

Thank you to all those who supported by providing sanitary products and donating monies in person or via our Go Fund Me , we appreciate you all.

Your donation will help meet the needs of many! IMG_20171122_122503_1.jpgIMG_20171122_102939.jpgIMG_20171122_122103.jpgIMG_20171122_153900.jpgIMG_20171122_153740.jpg

You can read about our first donation drive here.

Stylist Live 2017

We recently visited the Stylist Live Exhibition. It was a 3 day event at Olympia London and we had the opportunity to experience some of the amazing speakers and products on offer on the closing day (Sunday).

Following the recent article about periods in Stylist Magazine, we were intrigued to see what the exhibition had to offer. We were pleasantly surprised by the range of topics covered by the speakers throughout the day and picked by some great tips and tricks.

We were also pleased to find that there was more than the usual fashion, make up and accessories stands on offer and even something for men in fashion.

There were vendors promoting emotional well-being through stationary, health chocolate, homeware with positive quotes.

We spent some time spreading the word about Period Poverty and had the most interesting conversation with the event’s sponsored charity FAWCETT about promoting female equality and the pay gap.

We would like to thank Stylist Magazine for the tickets and hope next year, we can not only attend but be part of the exhibition.

Well done Stylist !!