Parent Talk Series: Motherhood

Welcome to the second instalment of Parent Talks: This week we have Leah, one half of Motherhood Reconstructed , Leah is a Proofreader, Graphic Designer and mum to a soon to be 11 year old daughter.

Here’s Leah’s experience:

My daughter (by the daily updates she gives me from her class) is a late developer. Is it bad that I’m happy about this? In recent weeks she has despaired over her lack of underarm hair, her lack of boobs and the fact that a girl in her class has started her period. She is 10 😔.

This has ignited a fire in her and prompted her to be uber prepared for her own period. It started with a trip to Boots where we purchased a Lil-Lets starter kit. She has unpacked it and repacked it so many times that if she were caught short in the middle of the night and the electricity had gone she would still know what every item was and how it worked.

She has studied the booklet that came with the pack from front to back and back to front and can recite it in whichever order you prefer. She has created her own version which she has expanded upon after interviewing me extensively and at length about pain, swimming and public toilets.

She has made a vlog offering advice to others, but decided that she would wait until she had actually experienced it before officially becoming the PreTeen Period Guru. My poor Dad has also had to endure conversations, although I’m not sure how much she got out of him 😂

She is on daily mucus watch, as this will symbolise the imminent start of her period. The only thing I can liken it to is a pregnant Lady excitedly waiting for her water to burst. However the pregnant Lady is fully aware that her water bursting also symbolises a good few hours of unthinkable pain and unpleasantness.

I have tried to explain without terrifying her (and to no avail), that although it’s fine for her to be prepared and even a little excited (I guess) she’s actually getting really amped up about an experience that for most isn’t particularly pleasant. Although it signifies that your body is ready to do one of the most amazing things it will ever be able to do, once it starts it won’t stop until like forever! Even if after all the years of cramping and bloating you decide that you don’t want babies it will still continue. She actually wasn’t impressed with that stat.

I’m sure our teachers never made us feel excited about it. I definitely remember being confused and a little embarrassed if I remember correctly. I’m really impressed with her school for the way they have handled it and the way they have got 9 and 10 year olds talking freely about it. They’re definitely helping to develop a generation that won’t be hiding tampons in their sleeves, or that are too embarrassed to go to the bathroom midway through Maths. They were even told that if they need to go to the toilet and are refused for whatever reason they should go anyway. Lol.

I am in absolute awe of how ready she is, of how confidently she is accepting that this change will happen and rather than being afraid or scared of it she is arming herself with the knowledge to deal with it to the best of her (full 10 years of) ability. It definitely won’t come as a shock like it did to me and I really hope she starts it when I’m there, as anyone else will more than likely be traumatised by the amount of information she’ll be willing to share 😂

Is it bad that I hope her late bloom lasts as long as her Dads did? He was unable to grow a full beard until way into his 30’s. I however sprouted a beard in my bloody teens! Can you say trauma?!!! Teenage hormones SUCK! 😂😂

Hope your girls are also stepping into preteen hood, with confidence, support and oodles of information x


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4 thoughts on “Parent Talk Series: Motherhood

  1. Tamu says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I am also impressed with schools and the way they are including these conversations so they are normal! I lol’d at hiding in sleeves I remember that one well! The only thing with all this knowledge is the questions and you can’t fob them off because this information needs to come from home!


    • says:

      We are glad that you were able to be informed and entertained by this submission! Yes kids have a pesky way of asking questions that we are not yet ready to answer. However we believe the open and continuous dialogue is the way to go! Thanks for commenting!


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