My Workshop Experience

A few weeks have passed since our first 4 workshops.

We carried out 4 sessions over two days with a delightful bunch of Year 5 & 6 girls.

We've had some time to sit and analyse the delivery and findings and we are extremely proud of the feedback we have received.

We have spent a significant amount of time polishing the presentation to make sure that the girls received the maximum in terms of education and engagement.

My favourite part has to be the open discussions. As each sessions brought new topics to the forefront, we were able to squash assumptions and myths and the information shared complimented the curriculum perfectly.

I loved it and I feel the girls did to.

Our workshops are not only about educating the girls but also offering feedback to the school, to create improvements for future pupils.

One of the sessions has brought about significant change for the school going forward and that's what we are about ….

During these sessions we also established that the teachers were filling the funding gap and personally providing (financing) sanitary items for the girls in their class.

We at Periodical Diary have made a pledge to donate some sanitary items from our sanitary donation drive on 26th July, to the school to offer some relief as there is currently no statutory funding for sanitary items in the UK.

Our workshops run for roughly an 1 hour and each session can facilitate up to 18 girls. The workshops give the pupils an opportunity to talk openly about periods in a safe environment.

Although our recent sessions were aimed at primary school girls, we are happy to tailor the information/ workshops according to your needs.

You can also support / donate to our cause, simply by clicking the link below and following the easy instructions. Donate here

If you would like to book a workshop or know of an agency or person that would be great to collaborate with, please contact us to discuss.

Kaye x

Periodical Diary team


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