Three Things I learnt on #bigknickerday

The month of July has been a fantastic month for Periodical Diary.

We (with your help) have been able to achieve one of the cornerstones for why we set up the initiative.

We held a donation drive for sanitary items on the  26th July 2017 simultaneously at three venues in the London Borough of Southwark:

Sumner Road, Peckham

Aylesbury Estate Neighbourhood Office

Southwark Council’s Headquarters 160 Tooley Street.

The lead up to the event was a very busy time filled with logistic planning and social media promotion. However, on donation day a tiny voice in my head asked would anyone turn up? Will anyone bother?

I am glad to say that people did bother! People do care!

Which leads me nicely onto what I learned from our Donation Drive

Much is said about the generosity of the British Public

and from a micro level perspective we experienced this on our Donation Drive. Combined from all three sites we received over 2,600 individual pads, over 1,200 tampons, over 200 panty liners and tens of additional items (zip lock bags/hand sanitizers/wet wipes).

Yes it took us a Long time to count them all!


Men do care about Periods 

The media would have you believe that men shy away and are embarrassed by all things menstrual. However, this was not the case on the day of our drive. Over all three of our sites men enquired about the initiative, some donated items whilst other chose to donate money towards the purchasing of sanitary items.


There is a need

our conversations on the day of the drive and subsequent discussions with organisations we seek to donate to, have highlighted that there is a growing demand for these items. Moreover, it further dispels the myth that what is happening to girls in Leeds are not isolated incidents. However, it should be noted that Tesco and Scotland are attempting to redress the balance. Yet, there is still a need for initiatives like Periodical Diary to continue the fight to eliminate period poverty.

A BIG Thank You to all those who came out and supported us! All proceeds will go to a no recourse to public funds team, charities and school all connected to Periodical Diary.


Thumbs up from the Periodical Diary Team 🙂


For those who were unable to donate on the day, we will have another donation drive later in the year.

Till then you can still support us here.

LIZ  x

Periodical Diary Team

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