Such an informative article that you can read, print and take to the GP….

Guidelines of PMDD


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One thought on “PMS & PMDD

  1. samantha evans says:

    This is extremely useful but my sister in law struggled for 6 months to get the right treatment even after diagnosis and only after we theatened to go to the press about the way in which she was treated. Even the leading consultant Pteer Grreenhouse who diagnosed her with PMDD after 35 yrs of being poisoned by psychiatric meds which caused physical and psychological issues got angry about the lack of treatment and how she was put back to the bottom of a waiting list for a TAH which was recommended before the diagnosis but was not done, just removal of 1 ovary and fallopian tube, remains of which were found when she did eventually get the TAH. We have had to fight for her care every step of the way and use whatever healthcare contacts I have as a former nurse and my work as a sexual health and pleasure expert. I even contacted Nick Panay as he works with the sexual lubricant company we use. There is a complete lack of education among GPs and psychiatrists to recognise PMDD, my sil complained about the hormonal symptoms from the age of 14!


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