Menopause Matters too…

Another silent struggle that women face is the Menopause. Click the link to read 10 Women’s true account of their experiences (via

10 women speak honestly about Menopause

Read and share your thoughts 

There was also a documentary called Menopause and me … on BBC1 on 20/4/17 (it may still be on iplayer)


2 thoughts on “Menopause Matters too…

  1. samantha evans says:

    As some one who is 49, perimenopausal and co- owner of Jo Divine a sex toy company, the menopause programme on BBC 1 sadly skirted over the sexual issues of the menopause when they impact upon the lives of so many women and their partners. Menopause isn’t just hot flushes and brain fog, it’s vaginal atrophy, decreased sexual sensation and low libido. Many women experience sexual issues but don’t talk about them. Body image plays a huge part too. I have skin rashes on my face ( dismissed by my GP) which makes me feel self conscious. I use YES organic sexual lubricant every time I have sex as it is the best lubricant you can buy, glycerin and parabens free. With a nursing background I have written extensively about sexual health issues for my website and the press, offering practical advice about sexual intimacy and pleasure and I work with many healthcare professionals across the UK who recommend our products and our articles to their patients to help them enjoy better sex lives during and after the menopause. Many are just relieved to be able to offer this information to their patients as no one else is writing about sex in this way. One menopause doctor I work with says when women get the right treatment their lives are transformed, another says my articles normalise sex for her patients and they know there is something thay can do, often fun too but getting good advice is a struggle with so many GPs dismissing womens health issues and would prefer prescribe anti depressants rather than listen to women such as my sister in law finally diagnosed with PMDD after 35 yrs of hell! She still struggled to get the right treatment from the NHS. HCPs medicalise sex when often the simple approach is needed such as using a good sexual lubricant, talking to your partner and perhaps using a suitable sex toy, all fo which are more fun than popping pills with unpleasant side effects, some of which can impact upon your sexual function too.. Their own sexual preferences and prejudices come into play when they need to remain objective in the way they treat their patients. I recently wrote an article for Huff Post to get HCPS to stop telling us our health issues are normal, like heavy periods, urinary incontinence after childbirth, abnormal bleeding and painful sex. These issues are not all in our head. Sorry for the rant but you did ask for comments 🙂


    • 35yearsyoung says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts… you are correct in saying that women’s health is being dismissed by GPs and we agree that anti depressants are not the only answer (If an answer at all). Please continue to read our content and share your wealth of knowledge


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