Exercising during your period…

We asked Janine George – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Fitness Instructor, Lead Trainer at Third Space and Ms Bikini Universe about training, exercise and her period…. 

Do you change how you train during your period ?? (lighter workout, different workouts)

During this time I tend to stick to the majority of my usual training methods; sprints, weight based or yoga. The only movements that I may reconsider however are those which cause me to raise my legs vertically (for example a head stand) as it disrupts the natural flow. I make a conscience effort to continue with my training to defeat fatigue or feeling sluggish; and usually feel more energised afterwards

Do you track your periods for the purpose of training ??

I track my periods for the purpose of life. Far too often in the past I would have an event or holiday to look forward to, only to realise at the time, that it was ‘that time of the month’. I use an app called ‘Period Diary’ which helps me stay on track.

What impact does your periods have on your training ??

Occasionally there will be times when I have to reconsider my training attire (preferably dark colours) and or clothing that is not too tight. At times it interrupts the sessions as I would have to take more bathroom trips, but otherwise I tend to commit to my training plans

Does your period affect your diet ??

I always know when the time is soon approaching as I will literally eat a whole 100g bar of chocolate, and other foods that draw my attention. I allow myself to eat what I naturally fancy without being too strict, as my body clearly needs to quench that desire. Thankfully I am able to get back into a healthy routine once the moment has passed.

If you would like to know more about Janine and her MetaBurn Classes click link below (her article in Elle Magazine) Day in the life of fitness fanatic – Janine George

Or follow her journey on Instagram 
Instagram link – Janine George


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