Affecting Change…

We need you!!! 

We have been working really hard in the background trying to find ways to make a real impact on the lack of education around menstruation.

We were saddened by the recent coverage in the main stream news regarding young girls in Leeds not being able to attend school due to lack of sanitary wear.  But we happy that it got the deserved press coverage. Can you believe it is happening in England in 2017 ??

We wanted to find a way to combat this beyond a charity event. As donations drives (although effective in the immediate instance), are simply using the kindness to the nation to “plug a gap” that the Government should be responsible for.

So after much thought about a sustainable approach, we decided to start a Government petition to use the TAMPON TAX to subsidise sanitary products for girls of school age. 

We are pleased to announce that it has been through their verification process (7 painfully slow days) and has now been published online !!

Please CLICK this link to see the petition and start sharing: 

Government Petition- subsidies sanitary products for school age girls

We have 6 months to get 10,000 signatures to trigger a government response.

We understand that there are other surveys  highlighting this subject at the moment but urge to sign ours as well!!  As we believe that there should be more focus on using the money gained through the tax for Period related issues.
Children of school age from low income families can currently get:

  • Free school meals
  • Free prescriptions
  • Free travel on buses
  • Free contraception

We believe that sanitary wear should be added to this list.

So please sign and share on as many social media platforms/ with as many people as possible 

Lets work together to affect change !! 


Kaye & Liz


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