ASK FLO: Tampon Tales

Hi. I have question about tampons. If it feels uncomfortable, will it leak? Because no matter how many times I try, it feels weird.

Dear Uncomfortable,
If a tampon feels uncomfortable it’s probably because you have not inserted it correctly.
Tampons can be very tricky things to insert. When doing so you need to be relaxed. If you are not, the muscles within your vagina can tense up  making it difficult as well as painful to insert a tampon.
To insert tampon i would advise doing so on the toilet seat or at a slight squat. You have to push the tampon all the way up till you can’t push no more. If you do not it will sit awkward and feel uncomfortable.
Another reason for the uncomfortable feeling is that you might be using the wrong size. If your flow is not that heavy and you are using for instance a super or super plus that can lead to a uncomfortable feeling.
Lighter flow tampons are slimmer and may feel better inside you. However if you are experiencing a heavy flow and use a lighter tampon this can cause leakage.

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